Group Therapy

All groups require an initial assessment to ensure that the group matches your needs well.


9th Grade Social Skills Group

Total sessions: 8 Session

Group size: 6

Age range: 14 to 15 years old

Group location: 2517 Mission St. Suite 5, San Francisco CA 94110

Total cost: $800


Goodbye Social Anxiety

Total sessions: 10 Session

Age: 14 to 16

Group size: 4 to 5 participants

Group location: 946 Irving St. SF CA 94122

3 outings: SPCA volunteer event, Exploratorium visit, and picnic in Golden Gate Park

Total cost: $850


Focus and Organization

Total sessions: 8

Age group: 14 to 16

Group size: 6 participants

Group location: TBA

Total cost: $700


Please note that groups often have a waiting list, so it is recommended to sign up as soon as possible to avoid delays in treatment.

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