“Carmen has guided me to independently identify the best possible solutions to triggering situations. She has helped me to become confident in my decisions, recognize my personal emotional triggers, and always prioritize self-care. I feel confident that I can take on the world."

N.C, San Francisco

“Carmen is a highly qualified and skilled therapist who continues to help me manage panic attacks and anxiety. My experience with her has been highly positive and I would recommend her for anyone struggling with anxiety."

T. L., Palo Alto

“Carmen is a God send. She helps our son with his panic attacks and social anxiety. He is much happier and loves to go to therapy with Carmen. The fact that Mochi is also part of the therapy process just makes it that much better."

M.A, Burlingame

“I began working with Carmen at a very difficult time. Carmen was able to quickly understand the complex issues that our family was dealing with and helped us get to a much better place. "

B.D., San Francisco

“Carmen is an awesome therapist. I've been seeing her for some time now and her skills have helped me to cope with stress and mood swings. So far, I've made great progress and honestly feel much better and less anxious.”

A.R., San Mateo

“I have worked with a couple different therapists over the years. Carmen has probably been the most effective for me.  She is deeply empathetic and knows how to stay focused on your goal. I would recommend her services to pretty much anyone looking for a new therapist."

S.L, South San Francisco